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Meal Bin

Meal Bin
  • Easy to clean out as there is no lip around the top of the body
  • Replaces bags and minimises contamination risks to the contents
  • Secure lid and bunk protects contents from outside elements
  • Easily transported with a forklift
  • bale handler or loader due to base structure
  • Suitable for a variety of applications such as storage of animal meal
  • Holds 1 tonne / 1000 kg
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(These prices include delivery within Republic of Ireland)
387.85 ex VAT
477.06 inc VAT
90 Gallon Drinker
90 Gallon Drinker

134.00 ex VAT

Meal Bin
Meal Bin

387.85 ex VAT

30 Gallon Drinker
30 Gallon Drinker

74.55 ex VAT

12 Gallon Drinker
12 Gallon Drinker

58.90 ex VAT

Maxi Store
Maxi Store

127.50 ex VAT

   1375 mm 
   1200 mm 
   1007 mm 
 Actual Capacity:
   1000 kg 

Product Information

Meal Bin

Only available in Ireland, the meal bin has a variety of applications for the agricultural market. Primairly designed for the use with a bale lifter on the back of a tractor, it can be easily lifted by a forklift making the meal bin and its contents easily transported.

Titan meal bins are:
Manufactured from top quality medium density polyethylene
Ultraviolet stabilised for protection against sunlight
Rotationally moulded in one piece to provide a stress-free drinker of uniform wall thickness, which is resistant to cracking
Excellent impact strength, lightweight and easily transported
Fitted with a totally enclosed ballcock ready to plumb in
Maintenance free (no painting is necessary)
Will not rust or rot