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3P Wall Tank & Filter - Granite
3P Wall Tank & Filter - Granite
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What size Rainwater Harvesting tank do I need?

The size of a rainwater holding tank must match the demand for water with it's availability as closely as possible.

BS 8515:2009 provides an authoritative and industry-approved means of calculating the optimum size of tank for household water use.


Why Install a Bunded Oil Tank?

The storage of fuel oil is strictly controlled in Ireland. 

Tank owners are considered liable in law for any contamination or pollution caused on their or their neighbour's property. It is vital that the tank complies with current legislation.


Tanks For Sale

Fully Bunded Oil Tanks For Sale.

Oil Tanks For Sale A bunded tank consists of 'a tank within a tank'. The inner tank is the primary fuel storage vessel, whilst the outer tank acts as a failsafe containment system. Therefore, in the event of a spillage (e.g. as a result of the inner tank being overfilled) surplus fuel will be safely and securely contained in the outer tank, and thus, a potentially expensive pollution incident will be averted.
Bunded Tanks are available in a choice of models and capacities - from 350 litres to 10,000 litres.

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Water Tanks For Sale.

Water Tanks For Sale Our selection of Potable Rain Water Tanks (Drinking Water) and Non-Potable Rainwater Tanks offers a comprehensive range of overground rainwater storage solutions. From the Slimline 920SL & 1,100SL through to the 10,000VT - All our tanks benefit from almost 30 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of premium quality rain water storage tank solutions.

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Steel Tanks For Sale.

Water Tanks For Sale Steel Tanks up to 20,000 Litre capacities, to customer's specifications & manufactured according to EN-12285-2 Class A standard.

Steel Tank Types:
Above-ground Cylindrical Double-Skinned (Bunded) Tanks
Under-ground Cylindrical Double-Skinned (Bunded) Tanks
Above-ground Rectangular Double-Skinned (Bunded) Tanks
Above-ground Oval shaped Tanks
Cylindrical Single-Skinned Tanks
Rectangular Single-Skinned Tanks

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