Fuel Pointsview bunded tank product range

Ideal for smaller, commercial, industrial and agricultural storage installations where the added value technologies incorporated into the Fuel Station range, are not required. Competitively priced, yet featuring the same high quality tanks as the Fuel Station range, Fuel Points offer a 'no-nonsense' specification. (Can also be used to store B7 Biodiesel).

Fuel Stationsview bunded tank product range

Fuel Stations provide forecourt style refuelling convenience, with the assurance of a safe and secure on-site fuel storage solution. Fully bunded and available in capacities from c. 1300 litres to c. 10,000 litres, Fuel Stations also come with a choice of voltages - 12v DC, 24v DC, 110v AC and 240v AC.

The Harlequin range of Fuel Stations now features two revolutionary slimline models in 1300 and 2500 litre capacities. Can also be used to store B7 Biodiesel.

BioFuel Stationsview bunded tank product range

Suitable for the storage of both regular diesel and biodiesel blends of up to B100 which are produced in accordance with EN14214. This range accommodates the specialist containment features required to store biodiesel fuel. BioFuel Stations have been engineered to exceed the most demanding European fuel storage requirements.

BioBundsview bunded tank product range

Biodiesel storage tanks designed for connection to biodiesel dispensing units and for use at installations incorporating fixed combustion appliances. Available in a choice of capacities from 1400 litres to 10,000 litres, this range is manufactured from the same specialist polymer as BioFuel Stations. BioBunds are supplied complete with pre-fitted top outlet, incorporating a Biodiesel resistant anti-siphon valve and strainer.

Waste Oil Tanksview bunded tank product range

Purpose designed for the storage of waste oils and lubricants. Waste Oil Tanks are fully compliant with all applicable requirements, each one benefiting from integral bunding, large capacity tundish and removable strainer. A self-priming hydrostatic contents gauge can also be supplied as an extra-cost option. This range is available in a choice of seven capacities, up to 2,500 litres.