Flexible Tanks

Tanks.ie Introduce Flexible Tanks to the Online Market

Tanks.ie have recently introduced flexible tanks to their range of products. Flexible tanks are an innovation in the storage of many liquids. These tanks are self supporting and can be set up directly and rapidly on any clean, stabilised horizontal ground surface.

Sizes for these flexible tanks range from 2m3 to 1000m3 (2000 litres to 1,000,000 litres). They are the most economical storage system per m3 and are quick and easy to install. As flexible tanks can be folded up completely they represent a big advantage in terms of logistics and do not need permissions or permits to put in place. An empty tank with a capacity of 500m3 can be shipped in a box of 3m3.

Closed flexible tanks protect the liquid stored from air, mosquitoes, light and all forms of contamination. Water remains intact without any evaporation or oxidation and the tanks require no maintenance.

Tanks.ie offer a full range of these flexible tanks for water storage use such as fire water, drinking water andrainwater harvesting. Flexible tanks for industrial storage can be used for process liquids, latex, glue, paint and brine along with hydrocarbon storage of mineral oil, fuel, kerosene and diesel. These tanks are used in agriculture, defence, humanitraian aid, civil safety and community services.

For information on flexible tanks and products contact Tanks.ie, on 051 351325 or visit www.tanks.ie