V1300WP Titan Water Tank

A Wet Look at Climate Change

Earlier this year Dr Peter Moir, an independent pharmaceutical consultant, contacted Tanks.ie with an idea. He was looking for a water tank to monitor rainfall levels as part of ongoing research into climate changes and rainfall. We came up with the solution of supplying him with a 1300 Litre Titan water tank.


The following is an extract from his blog.

“Here we go again, another wet July in Ireland. I remarked on a wet July in 2009 when I wrote A Wet Look At Climate Change (AWLACC) and then again in an update during 2012. Readers of AWLACC will know of my “water butt” saga and the serious miscalculation that had water overflowing all over the place! So after attempts at attaching overflows and running hose pipe to take away excess water, this year we upscaled.

Directly onto a downpipe we’ve installed a 1300 litre tank. That’s 1.3 metric tonnes of water capacity! This replaces a 110 litre butt overflowing into a 210 litre one. No problem now with overflowing we thought, it will take ages to fill this beauty.

It just so happened that the tank was set up at the beginning of a weekend that turned quite wet. “Great”, we said, this will test the guttering joints for leaks and give us some garden water for the rest of the summer and autumn. Not wanting to following in my own erroneous previous footsteps, I did the calculation this time and it’ll take at least 80mm of rain to fill the tank. Chances are that with some rain and drawing off water for our plants, we should not expect to fill this tank until winter. Leaving things to chance is never a great idea…….

To save the suspense; Sat- 6mm, Sun- 4mm, not so bad; Mon- 23mm! Tue- 19mm! Wed- 3mm. All adds up to 55mm and new tank is over half full already. Then no rain for 3 days followed by 4, 5, 4, and 3mm, “Tanky” is ¾ full.

Hang on a minute I thought, we’ve been here before. Going back over my own rainfall records I plotted July for the past 5 years. My chart shows very similar heavy rainfall for 2009 and 2012 and going on the first weeks of July, 2015 will be much the same.”


Although for the moment water charges in Ireland are capped,  it seems smart for us to plan ahead to make the most of this free and precious resource. Getting into the habit of using rainwater as much as possible now may help us to save large bills in the future. A quick and easy way to start rainwater harvesting is, as Peter did, connecting a water tank to our downpipe with a rainwater filter, for using the rainwater to water the garden, wash our cars and maybe even for using the washing machine.

Dr Peter Moir has published a book called ” A Wet Look at Climate Change” and can be downloaded at the following link – A Wet Look at Climate Change