• Integrally Bunded Oil Tank
  • Fitted with Watchman Alarm
  • 10 year warranty
  • Outer tank 16" Cap
  • Inner tank 4" Inspection cap
  • 1" outlet
  • SpillStop device as standard
  • Gate valve and filter

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Designed only to store kerosene for central heating oil, these bunded oil tanks meet and exceed all current oil storage regulations in the UK and equivalent guidelines in Ireland, they are OFCERT certified and manufactured to ISO Standards. They are the brand and range of choice in the industry for over 25 years for strength, reliability and quality. Suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural installations for new build and existing buildings, these bunded oil tanks:
  • Safeguard property against potential oil spills or ground contamination. The property owner can be liable for expensive clean up costs of an oil spill and which not be covered in the property insurance.
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that their oil supply is stored in a good quality and reliable oil tank.
  • Monitor level of oil from the comfort of your home or office. Fitted with Watchman Alarm, oil level monitor and alarm monitor, as standard. This remotely monitors the level of oil in the tank and omits an audible alarm if there is a dramatic drop in the level of oil. This electronic device eliminates the need for an external slight gauge or dipstick. It is also available to fit any existing single skin or bunded oil tank.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years (component parts for one year)
  • Fitted with an overfill prevention device, SpillStop, and a top outlet (on request) providing extra protection against groundwater pollution.

Specifically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties where bunded oil tanks are now compulsory.
The EcoSafe Bunded Oil Tank range can be fitted with a top outlet, on request, providing a complete and integrally bunded storage solution.

  • Outer tank 16" cap
  • Inner tank 4" inspection cap
  • Watchman Alarm
  • PTFE Tape
  • Heldite and heldite applicator
  • Gate valve and filter
  • 1" outlet
  • SpillStop Device as standard
Tankology Link /knowledgebase/article/titan-ecosafe-bunded-tanks/
Diameter No
Capacity (litres) No
Inlet invert (mm) No
Lid size (mm) No
Empty plant weight (kg) No
Length: 2140
Width: 695
Height: 1500
Weight: 0
Actual Capacity 1000
Nominal Capacity: No
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