• Panel with dual display keyboard and i-button reader
  • Controls up to 80 users through passwords or i-button keys
  • Calculates consumption of individual users
  • Local memory lasts up to 225 operations
  • Possibility of connection to PC with additional software

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The MC box fuel panel has the capability to control and manage the consumption of fuel for the private and commercial sector. This fuel management system intelligent design allows the unit to be easily connected or added to both new and existing fuel transfer pumps providing low cost, simple, easy to use fuel management.

The control panel has the ability to:
  • Switch a pump on/off
  • Recognize authorised users by means of i-button key or pin code
  • Preset a quantity to dispense
  • Manage a pulse meter to measure quantity dispensed
  • Manage an external level switch to control pump operation on low level
  • Operate an external nozzle switch
  • Connect to a PC for exporting data files
  • Connect to an external printer

  • The system is easy to install and has excellent weather resistance.
Tankology Link /knowledgebase/knowledgebase_category/fuel-transfer-equip/
Diameter No
Capacity (litres) No
Inlet invert (mm) No
Lid size (mm) No
Empty plant weight (kg) No
Length: 400
Width: 290
Height: 200
Weight: 5
Actual Capacity No
Nominal Capacity: No
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