Steel Tanks

Things to know about Steel Storage Tanks:-
  • The steel tanks to comply with BS799-5 and EN 12285 - 2 Class A, and to be manufactured under a quality assurance system complying with ISO9001.
  • Top outlet draw off pipes and feed lines are provided where possible.
  • Remote fill points are not recommended, but if unavoidable should comply with the requirements of the regulations.
  • Where possible, air vent pipes should be positioned so they can be seen during delivery.
  • It is recommended that pump sets should be installed within the secondary containment system.
  • Inspect all bunds, tanks and pipework regularly for signs of damage, at least weekly.
  • Oil storage areas should be as resistant as possible to unauthorised interference and vandalism.
  • Keep a stock of absorbent materials on site to deal with spillages.
  • Use a drip tray under filling points when refuelling.
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