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A bunded oil tank consists of 'a tank within a tank'. The inner oil tank is the primary fuel storage vessel, whilst the outer tank acts as a fail safe containment system.

Therefore, in the event of a spillage (e.g. as a result of the inner oil tank being overfilled) surplus fuel will be safely and securely contained in the outer tank, and thus, a potentially expensive pollution incident will be averted.

Bunded Oil Tanks are available in a choice of models and capacities - from 350 litres to 10,000 litres.

While old fashioned Single Skin Oil Tanks are still acceptable in a small number of domestic locations, a Bunded Oil Tank is today a legal requirement in most areas at Commercial, Industrial and Institutional installations... as well as most new and replacement domestic oil storage installations.

Single Skin Oil Tanks do not incorporate any form of secondary containment, and installing a Single Skin Oil Tank, where a Bunded Oil Tank is legally required, is an offence.

Even at those few remaining installations where a Single Skin Oil Tank remains acceptable, consideration should be given to fitting a Bunded Oil Tank to comply with future environmental regulations.

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