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Cookie Policy

This page was last updated on 22/11/2022.  Whenever this Policy is changed in a material way, you will be asked to renew your cookie consent.

By continuing to use our websites, content, products or services, you agree to the use of cookies as described in this notice.

We provide online services that are easy to use, useful and reliable. These can involve placing small amounts of information on your computer or mobile phone or other devices. These include small files known as cookies. There's a link to general advice about managing cookies at the end of this page. Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.

We, Kingspan Water and Energy Ltd and its affiliate (“”), use cookies on our website, which amongst other things, help us to improve your experience of our website and to ensure that it performs as you expect it to. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device by websites that you visit. They can improve your experience of using a website, for example, by remembering your preference settings and tracking your use of a website so that it can be improved to meet your needs. By doing that they can also collect information, that may be deemed personal data in some countries, about you and/or the way you use this website. Click here to access a list of those Data Controllers and contact details for them.  We also have cookies on our website that are set by third parties – not There is more information on control of third party functionality cookies on our website at the end of this page. cookies would like to have your consent to send cookies to your computer or mobile device unless the cookies are necessary to provide functional and customised services to you. If you do not agree with saving these cookies on your device, please do not continue browsing our webpage.
Please note that if you do not consent to our cookie policy, functionality on our site may be affected and you may not be able to make purchases on the site. 
Your acceptance of cookies and how you may reject them
Most web browsers will provide the option to turn off, or disallow cookies. How you do this depends on the web browser you’re using. Instructions for disallowing cookies can usually be found in the browser’s ‘Help’ menu. If you do this, you will still be able to browse around the site.
Cookies can be deleted using your web browser. However, unless they are disallowed they will be re-applied the next time you visit a website. Alternatively, you can adjust your browser to tell you when a website tries to put a cookie on your computer. How you adjust your browser to notify you of them, will depend on the type of internet browser program your computer uses.
The below explains what cookies we use on our website and why we use them.  
Persistent and Session Cookies
Cookies can be classified as either Session or Persistent, depending on how long they last based on how long they last in your browser.  
Persistent cookies remain on your device between browsing sessions. They are activated each time you visit the website that created that particular cookie. For example, where a "persistent cookie" is used on a website to remember your log-in details, you will not need to enter those details each time you visit that website.
Session cookies allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser session starts when you open the browser window and finishes when you close the browser window. Session cookies are created temporarily. Once you close the browser, all session cookies are deleted.
Use of cookies typically have the following purposes:
Marketing (feature personalised ads) and our advertising partners (including social media platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram) use tracking to provide personalised offers to give you the full experience. 
Functional (improve the website)
We use functional tracking to analyse how our website is being used. This data helps us to discover errors and develop new designs. It also allows us to test the effectiveness of our website. Furthermore, these cookies provide insights for advertising analysis.
Required (give website access)
We use cookies to enable essential website operations and to ensure certain features work properly, like the option to log in or add a product to your shopping basket. This tracking is always enabled, otherwise, you can’t view the website properly or shop online.

Please note that Marketing or Functional can be turned off under manged settings if you do not consent to using these.  Required cookies are compulsory to continue using our site.  

Below is a list of cookies that are used on this Website. Ecommerce Cookies
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: when user exits browser
Name: style
Typical content: stores the user's preference to whether they wish to view products in a list or a grid
Expires: 1 year
Name: key
Typical content: randomly generated number to remember the user for their next visit
Expires: 4 weeks
Name: bkey
Typical content: randomly generated number to remember the basket contents for the customers next visit
Expires: 4 weeks
Name: recent
Typical content: stores recently viewed products for display on the customers next visist
Expires: 4 weeks
Name: facebookLike
Typical content: used for promotional offers, stores whether the customer has "liked" the website on Facebook
Expires: 4 weeks
Name: allowAllCookies
Typical content: stores the user's preference to whether they wish to allow all Cookies on this Website or not
Expires: 1 year
Google Analytics Cookies 
Name: _utma
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: 2 years
Name: _utmb
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: 30 minutes
Name: _utmc
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: when user exits browser
Name: _utmv
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: 2 years
Name: _utmz
Typical content: randomly generated number and information about how the page was reached (eg directly or via a link, organic search or paid search)
Expires: 6 months
For further details on the cookies set by Google Analytics, see the link below.
•    Cookies set by Google Analytics
Add-This Cookie
Name: _atuvc
Typical content: numeric content (e.g. 8|21) that helps you share content through social networks
Expires: 2 years
Social networking websites
Social networking websites may place cookies on your computer. Social bookmarks are a way of saving links to web pages that interest you, and sharing those links with other people. You should read their respective privacy policies carefully to find out what happens to any data that these services collect when you use them.
•    Read the Facebook privacy policy
Third party cookies
We embed the below other third party functionality into our website;
•    Adyen is a third party used to process customer payments securely
•    Paypal is a third party used to as a payment source on site
•    Mailchimp is a third party used to send promotional emails 
•    YouTube is used to play video content on our website;
•    Google Maps is used to provide map functionality on our website;
•    Google Ads is used to analyse and optimise advertising from other sources;
•    Bing Ads is used to analyse and optimise advertising from other sources;
•    Google Remarketing Tag;
•    LinkedIn is used for online advertising purposes
•    Feefo is used to gather feedback for service and product 

These third parties may set functionality, analytical and advertising cookies on the website which are necessary or useful to make their services work on the website.  These cookies are set by the third parties; only allows them to do so by including their services in the Website. However, the data controllers of the personal data, to the extent personal data is collected by those cookies, are those third parties.  You can change your third party cookie preferences by setting your browser settings in a way that you are informed if cookies are downloaded on to your computer or mobile device and that you are able to decide on: the acceptance of certain cookies in certain cases; a general acceptance; or rejection. Please be aware that in case of a rejection of third party cookies, the functionality of the third party services on our website may be impaired for you.

Our privacy notice
Most cookies may constitute personal information. Our Website Privacy Notice contains more information on how we may use, handle and disclose your personal information, how you can access your personal information and request the correction of your personal information, how you can complain about a breach of the law and how we will deal with that complaint.

Contact us
If you have any questions about our cookie policy or our collection, use or disclosure of your personal information (if any) collected through our cookies, please contact us at please contact us at or on 051-351325 .

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