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  • Rainwater filter for downpipe installation
  • Easy to monitor due to its installation position in the downpipe
  • Ideal for retro-fitting systems
  • Simple installation
  • Connection capacity for roof areas up to 90m2


The Rainus Rainwater filter for downpipe installation is easy to monitor, due to it's installation position in the downpipe. No need to lift heavy lids or climb down into storage tanks.

Cleaned rainwater flows through the filter and continues down the downpipe. The 3P Rainus Rainwater filter is ideal for retro-fitting systems which currently have no rainwater filter. It needs very little space behind it.
The 3P Rainus Rainwater filter is simple to install and maintain. Connection capacity for roof max 90m2.

The cleaned rainwater can be used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering in homes, in commerce, in public buildings and in industry.

How it works:

1. The falling rainwater's flow is attenuated by baffles in the upper filter housing.
2. Rainwater is then calmed in a small sump.
3. Water weirs over the sump lip, and is evenly distributed across the Primary Cascade, the first cleaning step.
4. The Primary Cascade filters out any large or coarse particle, such as leaves and moss.
5. Below and behind the Primary Cascade is a finer Secondary filter.
6. Both fine and coarse particles are ejected from the front of the filter.
7. Cleaned rainwater flows down out of the filter outlet, to a storage tank or to the point of use or disposal system.
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Colour (please select to purchase)Grey
Weight (kg)2.000000
Length (mm) 217
Width (mm)170
Height (mm)505