Klargester BioDisc

How does a Klargester BioDisc work?

The BioDisc is a top-of-the-line wastewater treatment system from Klargester, Irelands leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions.

The Klargester BioDisc is unique to other wastewater treatment systems, in that the treatment process is carried out by a Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC), media discs mounted on a shaft powered by a motor. These discs rotate and bacteria grow on them, treating the sewage to a level where the resulting effluent is suitable for direct discharge into a watercourse.

All the other wastewater treatment systems that we supply are powered by a remote air blower, which feeds air into the wastewater and treats it either by fixed or loose media.

The Klargester BioDisc is a complete package system in which all components are stored inside the vessel itself. The only separate parts are the green control panel and the flashing alarm beacon, which alert you to any problems that need to be corrected by an engineer. We sell the BioDisc in a range of sizes (BioDisc), from the BA BioDisc, which covers up to four bedrooms, to the commercial BioDisc ranges, which are priced on our site

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Kingspan Klargester Biodisc Installation

Tips for klargester biodisc maintenance

When it comes to caring for your disinfection tank, you can happily let it tick most of the time, apart from cleaning and emptying it. However, there are still a few things to consider to ensure that you care about your system.

1. Practice water conservation. By reducing the amount of water you use, you are putting less pressure on your septic system. This is even more important when a large number of people are dependent on a single tank.

2. Be aware of what you have put down your drains. Although your sewage treatment system is relatively robust, it should be treated as a normal sewage treatment system. This means that foods such as grease and fat, toiletries and oils should not be sent through your septic system.

3. Conduct an inspection once a year. This can either be done yourself or carried out by a trained professional in order to achieve ultimate peace of mind. Whatever you decide to do, it is crucial to do this in order to identify any problems before they become worse.


Having klargester biodisc problems? The importance of regular emptying of septic tanks.

Without proper maintenance and the help of professional septic tank cleaners, you could run into a series of problems that could end up being both very expensive and pretty unpleasant.

You should have a contractor round to empty your sewage treatment system every three to five years. However, if you use more water or have a smaller system, you may have to do it more regularly. The main advantage of doing this regularly is that you minimise the likelihood of overflows.

Overflows can have severe detrimental problems on your property, which can lead to sewage backups. This obviously has the potential to damage the home and to affect your health. Regular emptying can also help to prolong the life of your septic tanks.

Instead of allowing it to reach its capacity every time before emptying it, consistent emptying takes the pressure off your system and in turn prolongs its lifespan.

In Conclusion

We provide a variety of sizes of biodisc treatment system tanks from Klargester. If you need any assistance in understanding how a biodisc works, how to manage installation, how to maintain, then the information above should provide answers to any biodisc problems you may have.

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