Wastewater Commissioning Explained

Kingspan Klargester offer a commissioning service as part of their total care solution for all their wastewater products.

Klargester offer a standard and smart commissioning option for both domestic and commercial customers. This ensures that your wastewater product is running optimally at all times which saves you money on running costs and future repairs. It also means that you are being proactive in pollution prevention for groundwater and waterways usually caused by poorly maintained systems.

Standard Commissioning offers the following benefits:-

  • Pece of mind that all mechanical and electrical components have been installed correctly, tested and working
  • Trouble free operation of your system from the start
  • Issued with a full commissioning certificate for your system
  • Available on our full range of wastewater and surface water products

Smart Commissioning offers all the benefits of the Standard Commissioning along with:

  • For separators only, under EN 858-2 it is recommended that you install a local or remote alarm in order to prevent pollution incidents which includes a SmartServ Pro remote monitoring with early fault detection
  • Comprehensive asset tracking, removing local reliance to monitor operation status
  • Less risk of business downtime. With the SmartServ Pro solution, you can proactively tackle operational problems before they impact your business
  • Instant text alerts to site contacts (up to 14) and Kingspan Service Centre simultaneously

How Does the Commissioning Work?

Once you purchase your Commissioning package, the Klargester Service team will issue you out a questionaire to make sure that installation is completed by your contractor. They will then organise a site visit to sign off your installation and issue a site specific commissioning certificate.

Klargester offer commissioning on the following products:

  • Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Oil/ Water Separators
  • Pumping Stations/ Pump Chambers
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

The checklists provided below for download have further information and guidelines on what is expected from the installer and the commissioning team.

You can download the checklists for your specific product below:

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Oil / Water Separator

Oil / Water Separator Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Pump Chamber / Pumping Station

Pump Chamber Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting System Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Klargester BioDisc
Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant