Adjustable Clock Gauges

Adjustable Clock Gauges have added to their tank monitor range, two new products from Mano-Term. These new clock gauges are a one size fits all product. As they are fully adjustable, they can fit any oil tank from 1m to 2m and any water tank from 1m to 2.7m. The adjustable oil clock gauge is suitable for… [Read More]


New IBC Fittings Range have added a whole new range of IBC fittings for all your requirements.  Camlock, pipe threads and hose tail adapters are now on sale for the most common application. We have also added fittings, valves and vents to our extensive range to give our customers the largest choice available. These IBC fittings are designed… [Read More]

Introducing Armorgard

Introducing Armorgard would like to introduce you to their new product range of secure storage of hazardous and flammable substances and chemicals made by Armorgard. These Armorgard chemical storage cabinets are exceptionally secure All these Armorgard products are built on a strong foundation of security and carry the reputation of indestructible and reliable within the… [Read More]

Z 400 Flow Meter

Mechanical Flow Meter

Flow meters are used for measuring dispensed liquids such as fuel, diesel and water  in a precise, reliable, robust way. Mechanical Flow Meters This is the most commonly used measurement system for measuring water and oil. The fluid, most commonly water, enters in one side of the meter and strikes the nutating disk, which is eccentrically mounted…. [Read More]

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What To Do To Improve Your Waste Water Treatment System

What you can do to improve your treatment system There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your septic tank or packaged treatment system is working properly: Emptying your septic tank or packaged treatment system You should have your septic tank or individual wastewater treatment system inspected and de-sludged (where… [Read More]

Hornet W85 H INOX with FMT II

Adblue now used in new Diesel cars

Adblue now used in new Diesel cars Diesel engines are now required to meet tough NOx standards to help control air pollution. The preferred method involves injecting a high purity fluid called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) into the exhaust system. AdBlue is used by modern diesel engines which use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to control… [Read More]

V1300WP Titan Water Tank

A Wet Look at Climate Change

Earlier this year Dr Peter Moir, an independent pharmaceutical consultant, contacted with an idea. He was looking for a water tank to monitor rainfall levels as part of ongoing research into climate changes and rainfall. We came up with the solution of supplying him with a 1300 Litre Titan water tank.   The following is an… [Read More]

Electric Pump Hornet 50 II Z 300 Add Horn Tecalemit to Product Range would like to introduce you to our latest products- HORN TECALEMIT Pumps, Monitors and Meters HORN was founded in 1944 by ex Air Force Colonel and Engineer Mr. Ernst Horn. HORN has been, for more than six decades, a well-known brand name on the world market as a specialist for pumps – mainly for diesel, fuel, oil and other… [Read More]

Flexible Tanks Introduce Flexible Tanks to the Online Market have recently introduced flexible tanks to their range of products. Flexible tanks are an innovation in the storage of many liquids. These tanks are self supporting and can be set up directly and rapidly on any clean, stabilised horizontal ground surface. Sizes for these flexible tanks range from 2m3 to 1000m3 (2000 litres to… [Read More]


Irish Rainfall – the key to cutting water charges!

Water is one of the most precious commodities on the planet and it doesn’t come cheap. In 2010 water services cost the Irish State €1.2 billion to run, with operational costs of €715 million and capital expenditure of more than €500 million. Where that has a very real impact on the Irish household is the… [Read More]