• Self-priming rotary vane pump, with cast-iron casing.
  • Fixed-brush motor with permanent-magnet stator.
  • Terminal board for switches and circuit-breakers.
  • 2-metre cable with clips for battery connection.
  • Aluminium nozzle.
  • Filter on intake tube.
  • 12v or 24 volt option

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The Piusi Battery Kit DC portable diesel transfer pump is designed as a ready to use mobile refuelling pump solution for diesel dispensing from drums or small tanks to refuel vehicles. These kits, which include BP 3000 24v or 12v fuel transfer pumps, are extremely popular in both agricultural and construction markets for refuelling plant machinery, tractors and other vehicles.

All models of these Piusi pumps come complete with cable and clips for battery connection, carry handle, manual nozzle, suction/delivery hose and strainer. There are a number of alternatives available differing based upon whether horizontal or vertical ports are suitable, whether a 24 or 12 volt fuel transfer pump is required and the length of the battery cables.
Thanks to its small size, reliability and simple installation, it is especially useful when fuel must be transferred or dispensed safely, having only battery power on hand, as on construction sites, boats and in agriculture.

Performance Specifications
• Power supply: 12 V DC - 24 V DC.
• Piusi Carry 3000 Pump
• Manual nozzle
• 4m x 3/4" hose
• Foot filter
• Flow rate: 35 - 70 l/min.
• Suction capacity: up to 2 metres.
• Duty cycle: 30 min.
Tankology Link /knowledgebase/article/piusi-fuel-transfer-pumps/
Diameter No
Capacity (litres) No
Inlet invert (mm) No
Lid size (mm) No
Empty plant weight (kg) No
Length: 300
Width: 300
Height: 180
Weight: 7.8
Actual Capacity No
Nominal Capacity: No

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