• Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple on/off operation
  • Suitable for new and existing homes
  • Automatic rainwater diversion when tank reaches full capacity
  • Internal self cleaning leaf filter
  • Rainwater for watering the garden
  • Suitable to backfill with pea shingle in dry conditions

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RAINTRAP 4600 litres

An economical Rainwater Harvesting system designed to make garden watering simple.The RainTrap system comprises of a filter, an underground water storage tank and a pump.
Rainwater runs down the roof and into the guttering and downpipes in the normal way before passing through the filter, which removes any leaves or debris. Rainwater is stored in the underground tank from which it is pumped at a constant pressure to a garden sprinkler or hose as required.
The RainTrap has many advantages over traditional garden water butts. In addition to being able to store far larger quantities of water, it removes the need to carry water around and does not flood when full, since the excess water exits via a soakaway or surface water drain.

  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple on / off operation
  • Suitable for existing and new homes
  • Automatic rainwater diversion when tank reaches full capacity
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 2,800-4,600 litres
  • Internal self-cleaning leaf filter
  • Suitable to backfill with Pea Shingle in dry conditions

  • Uses:-
  • Garden watering
  • Horticultural sprinkling
  • Small vehicle washing

  • Applications:-
  • Domestic
  • Horticulture
  • Garden centres
Tankology Link /knowledgebase/knowledgebase_category/rainwater-harvesting-brochures/
Diameter 2080
Capacity (litres) No
Inlet invert (mm) No
Lid size (mm) No
Empty plant weight (kg) No
Length: No
Width: No
Height: 2035 (not including neck)
Weight: 0
Actual Capacity No
Nominal Capacity: 4600
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