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€47.36 €38.50
  • Simple rainwater diverter for filling rain tanks
  • Ideal for water butts
  • Suitable for smaller roofs up to 50m2
  • Fits most common downpipes
  • Filter is equipped with a tap to regulate water supply
  • Supplied in Brown or Grey
  • Supplied with universal fitting kit


Simple rainwater diverter for filling rain tanks. Ideal for water butts.
The 3P Rain Collector's coarse filter separates clean rainwater from the debris coming off the roof. It is suitable for collecting rainwater from smaller roof areas (up to 50m2).

This rainwater filter fits all common downpipes from 68 mm to 100 mm and square downpipes 65mm x 65 mm and comes in brown or grey.

The rainwater filter is equipped with a tap, so that the rain water supply can be regulated and even completely turned off in winter.

Principle of operation
1. Rainwater flows into the Rain Collector
2. Debris is stopped by the coarse filter.
3. Clean waters flows out of the 32 mm side outlet into the water tank.
4. Wastewater and debris continues flowing down the downpipe.
5. Tap - turn 90 deg to off position.
The inner filter element also holds the Rain Collector to the downpipe.

Supplied with universal fitting kit which comprises of a backnut, rubber washer, 32mm flat bit and connection hose with stainless steel hoseclips.
More Information
Weight (kg) 0.3
Width (mm) 180
Diameter (mm) 100 to 60
Height (mm) 125