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  • Prevents disturbance of settled sedimentation layer
  • Provides a calmed inlet for rainwater entering the storage tank
  • Supplies the lowest oart of the water with oxygen so that the water remains fresh


Provides a calmed inlet for rainwater entering the rain water storage tank. it prevents disturbance of the settled sedimentation layer and supplies the lower level of water with oxygen so that the water remains fresh.

Carrying out the second cleaning step in the rainwater tank, the calmed inlet is designed to prevent water from becoming stained and odorous, and avoid disturbing sediment at the bottom of the water tank ensuring the best possible water quality. This ensures the best possible water quality by forcing complete and regular replenishment of stored water, whilst preventing sediment at the base of the rainwater harvesting tank from becoming disturbed, protecting pumps and appliances.

How it works
  • Rainwater flows into the calmed inlet
  • As the water flows through the calmed inlet, its velocity is reduced to allow it to enter the tank without turbulence
  • Calmed rainwater entering the tank supplies oxygen to the water resting at the lower end, keeping it fresh by prevention of anaerobic decomposition

Connection pipe sized DN 110.
More Information
Weight (kg) 0.5
Width (mm) 100
Height (mm) 100
Length (mm) 320