200,000 Litre Bladder Water Tank, Non Potable

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Grey Water, Water Grey Water, Water Made To Order Non-returnable Above Ground Free Delivery

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Product Description

200,000 Litre Bladder Water Tank, Non Potable

Tanks.ie supply these non-potable bladder tanks can be supplied and delivered for a number of industries and markets that can take full advantage of the benefits on offer. Below are some of the common uses and types of businesses we supply them to regularly;-

  • Harvesting rainwater is a more environmentally-friendly approach.
  • Used for dust suppression.
  • Used for landscape irrigation.
  • Agriculture for crop irrigation.
  • Helps to reduce the pressure on natural water.
  • Beneficial for storing groundwater.
  • Storage of drinking (potable) water for public events (i.e. Concerts, Racing, Sports)
  • Storage of waste water at public events, shows etc
  • Fire service (water storage for firefighting)
  • Storage of slurry (Agriculture)
  • Storage of chemical fertilizer
  • Storage of produced water for drilling activities
  • Storage of water on small boats/vessels
  • Temporary storage of liquid during routine maintenance and repair
  • Storage of contaminated water

Features & Benefits

  • Durable and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions (typically -30 to +70 deg. C)
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials including PVC and TPU
  • Flexible and easily deployed, can be rolled up and stored in a very short time
  • Can be re-used over and over again
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Available in a wide range of specifications to suit your application
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be tailored to meet your exact requirements

Standard Tank Fittings

  • 3 x 4" BSP female aluminium skin fitting with PP plug
  • 1 x 0.5psi PRV
  • 4 x Corner clamps
  • Lifting slings

These flexible pillow tanks range from 1,000 up to 250,000 Litres and are supplied in different material specifications depending on storage requirements and contained fluids. We can also provide other products for use alongside flexible tanks including PVC groundsheets and UV/Dust covers which help prolong the tanks in harsh environments (i.e. deserts). The main type of material used to manufacture non-potable storage tanks is PVC/TPU Blend which is designed and manufactured from coated high tenacity polyester woven fabric designed to store produced water from drilling operations and contaminated water.

These pillow tanks for non-potable water are ideal for emergency use, fast deployment, marquees, transporting empty tanks to difficult locations. The collapsible tank for non-potable water storage is built to include any number of non-potable water items including brine water, process water, production water, rain water, and waste water. Where there is need for temporary liquid storage the Flexible Bladder Tank can quickly be deployed and filled. Once the application is complete they can be emptied cleaned and stored for use at some later date. Standard BSP fittings are used to connect the tank to the pipework and pumps however the fittings can be change to suit the equipment being used.

Collapsible Tank Information

The pillow tank is constructed from top-grade fabrics to ensure complete containment of your liquids during operation. Built to meet demanding climate and containment requirements, these tanks have been successfully used in operations involving oil spill collection, mining, construction, UN relief operations and more.  Pillow tanks are designed in multiple sizes including many capacities between the range of 1000 and 200,000 Litres. This can meet small storage requirements around homes, businesses, and facilities, as well as large storage needs around construction sites, mining locations, and oil fields. It is recommended the Pillow Tanks are laid down on ground cleared of any sharp objects and on top of a Groundsheet. Groundsheets are available as an optional extra in Geotextile or PVC.

Collapsible Pillow Tanks for HD Dirty Water: (If you require a HD tank please select this from the option)

HD Dirty water can be waste containing washings such as from milking parlours, farm dairies, cleaning work and run-off from open concrete areas that are dirtied by manure or silage.  Generally, it contains less than 3% dry matter. Liquid that drains from manure and slurry stores and silage effluent are often collected in dirty water handling systems. These materials are a lot more polluting than yard run-off or cleaning water.  The biochemical oxygen demand (or BOD) and the amount of plant nutrients in dirty water can vary widely, depending upon its source. Determination of the pH plays an important role in waste water storage.  Extreme pH levels, presence of particulate matters, accumulation of toxic chemicals and increasing alkalinity levels are common problems when storing waste water in a flexible pillow tank. 

Controlled safe storage has becomes a serious environmental concern in recent years and hence municipal and industrial waste water storage and treatments are critical before it enters to lakes, rivers, canals and other water bodies.  Storage of slurries allow for neutralization, precipitation, coagulation and other biological treatment processes to stabilise the pH. With such variable the correct flexible tank must be selected, where slurries start with extreme pH levels and for concentrated artificial liquid fertilisers the HD Tank is recommended.

If you would like to know more about collapsible bladder tanks click here.

Product Specification

  • Product Code: RPS
  • Colour: Green, Grey
  • Fuel Type: Grey Water, Water
  • Made To Order: Made To Order
  • Non-returnable: Non-returnable
  • Potable: No
  • Shape: Above Ground
  • Shipping: Free Delivery
  • Volume: 200000ltr
  • Weight: 318.000kg, 415.000kg
  • Dimensions: L:16400mm W:10330mm H:1500mm

Delivery Terms

Kingspan Tanks - Tail-lift deliveries are available for most tanks up to 2,000 Litre capacities for kerbside delivery.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us, if off-loading equipment is required.

Klargester Tanks  - All tanks are delivered on 45ft Flat-bed Articulated Trailers, so off-loading equipment on site is necessary.
HIAB off-loading is available at extra cost, if requested.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us, if off-loading equipment is required.

Harlequin Tanks  - Tail-lift deliveries are available for most tanks up to 2,500 Litre capacities for kerbside delivery subject to availability.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us, if off-loading equipment is required.

tanks.ie undertakes to attempt to fulfill all orders within a maximum of 7 working days of order acceptance, unless advised otherwise. In the event that any order is delayed, tanks.ie will not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage that this delay may cause.

Smaller items (including most accessories and consumables) will normally be despatched by courier.
Larger items (including all storage tanks) will normally be delivered by carrier. 

Please note that for all items delivered by carrier, normally a truck + 40ft trailer, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure adequate vehicular access and to provide suitable offloading equipment, where required. Please notify us, if this might pose a problem and we will endeavour to facilitate your request. 

Returns Information


In accordance with Irish and European Union consumer laws, you have seven days after receipt of order to cancel the order in its entirety or any part thereof, providing the goods are in a re-saleable condition. Should you wish to cancel any order, you must first contact sales@tanks.ie for a ‘Returns Authorisation Number’.

Please call 051 351325 or e-mail sales@tanks.ie 

After the Returns Authorisation Number has been issued, we will make arrangements with you for the goods to be returned. If you wish tanks.ie to arrange the collection of the goods, please note that a carriage and administration charge will apply, which will not exceed 35% of the gross value of the goods.

Upon return of the cancelled goods to tanks.ie and verification that they are in a re-saleable condition, we will refund the value of the goods, less any collection and administration charges, within 28 days.


If you believe that products you have purchased from tanks.ie are defective, please report this immediately to tanks.ie by e-mail sales@tanks.ie or call 051 351325. 

If they are within the manufacturer’s guarantee period, we will arrange with the manufacturer to replace or repair the goods at the manufacturer’s discretion and consistent with their guarantee. 
Where it is necessary to inspect the goods on site and an inspection proves the fault is neither the fault of tanks.ie, nor the product manufacturer, an inspection charge will apply, which will be advised by the manufacturer prior to site inspection.

Please note that where guarantees are available in excess of those required by law, these are provided at the discretion of the product manufacturer and not tanks.ie. Additionally, tanks.ie will not be liable for any claims for consequential damage or loss. 

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