• 800 litre capacity (1 tank)
  • Durable premium quality garden system for rainwater storage and pumping
  • Simple design with a small space saving footprint
  • 1 x 3/4" tap connector
  • 2 x 3/4" tank interconnecting points
  • 4"capped opening on top of tank
  • Long linking kits are available for remote downpipe connection
  • 3P Filter Collector provided
  • System can be expanded at any time with additional tanks

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Above Ground Wall Tank 800 litre with Filter

A durable, premium quality wall tank for rainwater storage.

The Wall Tank is a practical alternative to underground rainwater tanks.
Large 800 litre capacity Wall Tank with tap and holesaw set. Its attractive modern design has a small space saving footprint for a water tank.

These water tanks are available in 4 finishes: Sandstone, Granite, Green or Black. This allows you to select the best colour to suit your garden.

Tank to tank connectors are available for multi-tank systems. By clever design each water tank can be easily linked to the next using a sturdy 25mm hose between metal threads.

Supplied with metal retention bracket, hole saw and rubber gromet sealing ring for 3P Filter Collector along with the 3P Filter Collector

3P FILTER COLLECTOR - Collects & Cleans your Rainwater
  • Filters and collects rainwater for best possible tank water quality.
  • This rainwater filter removes leaves and reduces risk of disease carryover.
  • The rainwater filter also eliminates sludge and enables clean water to be pumped safely.
  • The Filter Collector diverts cleaned water to the storage tank with high efficiency (85% to 95%) under normal rainfall.
  • The dirty water and debris continue on to the downpipe.
  • Once the tank is full, the rainwater filter acts as the overflow outlet
System can be expanded at any time with additional water tanks.
Tankology Link /knowledgebase/article/3p-wall-tanks/
Diameter No
Capacity (litres) No
Inlet invert (mm) No
Lid size (mm) No
Empty plant weight (kg) No
Length: 800
Width: 600
Height: 1790
Weight: 37
Actual Capacity 800
Nominal Capacity: No
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