What is GRP and why choose a GRP tanks?

GRP tanks

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite material commonly known as fibreglass. Composites are materials combined from two or more materials with different physical or chemical properties to create a material with characteristics of both materials. GRP is a composite made from resin and glass, which results in a strong lightweight product. The glass is in the form of either chopped strand mat, woven roving or glass strands. Aramid or Carbon fibres can be used when additional strength is required for advanced applications.

GRP can be used for a multitude of applications but in our case, it is used for water tanks, septic tanks, petrol separators and underground storage tanks.

Why Choose a GRP?

  • The unique attributes of GRP allow it to be moulded and engineered to almost any shape or design.
  • It is an efficient method of constructing tanks, therefore a more cost-effective solution for our customers.
  • Unlike steel tanks, GRP tanks are corrosion resistant and have a long-life expectancy making it a better option to alternative tanks.
  • These GRP tanks are lightweight and strong making it useful for many applications.
  • GRP tanks are low maintenance, easy to clean and are extremely durable.
  • GRP tanks are electrically non-conductive.

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