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Product Description


Apollo Smart is the world's first heating oil energy monitor now with inbuilt Fuel Theft Alarm. Unlike traditional oil tank contents gauges, Apollo Smart allows you to monitor the volume of useable fuel remaining inside your tank, heating oil consumption, energy costs, air temperature and carbon emissions - from the warmth, comfort and convenience of your home. Measuring key indicators of system efficiency helps you to identify interventions to reduce heating oil consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

Apollo Smart Oil Monitor is a two-piece system, which comprises a tank top transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The wireless transmitter unit is suitable for use with almost any oil tank up to 3 metres tall, irrespective of manufacturer or material of construction. The receiver unit incorporates a premium quality LCD display and simply plugs into a standard electrical socket, with no wiring or electrical work required.


How It Works

The Apollo Smart transmitter unit can be fitted to almost any oil tank, with no specialist tools or training required. The unit is simply affixed to the tank via the pre-drilled 32mm diameter aperture, found on most tanks produced in the UK and Ireland since the late 1990s, and retained with 2 self-tappers (supplied). The transmitter unit monitors the level of fuel inside the tank, measuring fuel levels and consumption.

This data is transmitted to the receiver unit, which can be positioned up to 150 metres from the receiver unit, where it is analysed and displayed on an intuitive and easy to read display. The receiver unit also benefits from a USB connection, which will allow consumption data to be uploaded to almost any Mac or PC via the Apollo Smart App, available shortly.

The receiver unit also incorporates a unique 'days to empty' facility, which shows you how many days supply of fuel remains. The risk of running out of oil is further reduced by an inbuilt low level alert with audible warning alarm.

For cleaner safer refueling, the Apollo Smart transmitter unit incorporates an inbuilt level display, allowing fuel delivery personnel to monitor tank levels before, during and after delivery.

Data Outputs

Apollo Smart will allow you to monitor the following data on demand:

  • Volume of useable heating oil remaining & displayed in litres and as a percentage of total tank capacity
  • Room Temperature, displayed in degrees Celsius
  • Fuel level - displayed via an easy to read bar graph
  • Built in visual and audible low-level anti-theft alarm

Additionally, the following information is continuously monitored, recorded and can be viewed on the receiver unit:

  • Heating oil consumption in litres
  • Estimated heating oil costs in Sterling (STG) or Euro (EUR)
  • Carbon emissions in kgCO2

Fuel consumption, heating oil costs and carbon emissions data is produced on the following basis:

  • Average per day
  • Average per week
  • Last 7 days estimated total
  • Last 30 days estimated total
  • Last 365 days estimated total



  • Suitable for almost any single skin or bunded oil tank up to 3 metres tall
  • Quick and easy to install with no specialist tools or skills required
  • No wiring or electrical work required
  • Displays key indicators of total system efficiency at the press of a button
  • Determines volume of useable fuel in your tank in both litres and as a percentage of total useable capacity
  • Unique days to empty function, low level alert and audible low level warning
  • Integral USB connectivity allows data to be uploaded to almost any Mac or PC
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Contemporary, modern and appealing product design 

Product Specification

  • Product Code: DUN
  • Fuel Type: Diesel, Heating Oil, Oil, Water
  • Shipping: Free Delivery

Delivery Terms

Kingspan Tanks - Tail-lift deliveries are available for most tanks up to 2,000 Litre capacities for kerbside delivery.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us, if off-loading equipment is required.

Klargester Tanks  - All tanks are delivered on 45ft Flat-bed Articulated Trailers, so off-loading equipment on site is necessary.
HIAB off-loading is available at extra cost, if requested.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us, if off-loading equipment is required.

Harlequin Tanks  - Tail-lift deliveries are available for most tanks up to 2,500 Litre capacities for kerbside delivery subject to availability.
It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us, if off-loading equipment is required.

tanks.ie undertakes to attempt to fulfill all orders within a maximum of 7 working days of order acceptance, unless advised otherwise. In the event that any order is delayed, tanks.ie will not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage that this delay may cause.

Smaller items (including most accessories and consumables) will normally be despatched by courier.
Larger items (including all storage tanks) will normally be delivered by carrier. 

Please note that for all items delivered by carrier, normally a truck + 40ft trailer, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure adequate vehicular access and to provide suitable offloading equipment, where required. Please notify us, if this might pose a problem and we will endeavour to facilitate your request. 

Returns Information


In accordance with Irish and European Union consumer laws, you have seven days after receipt of order to cancel the order in its entirety or any part thereof, providing the goods are in a re-saleable condition. Should you wish to cancel any order, you must first contact sales@tanks.ie for a ‘Returns Authorisation Number’.

Please call 051 351325 or e-mail sales@tanks.ie 

After the Returns Authorisation Number has been issued, we will make arrangements with you for the goods to be returned. If you wish tanks.ie to arrange the collection of the goods, please note that a carriage and administration charge will apply, which will not exceed 35% of the gross value of the goods.

Upon return of the cancelled goods to tanks.ie and verification that they are in a re-saleable condition, we will refund the value of the goods, less any collection and administration charges, within 28 days.


If you believe that products you have purchased from tanks.ie are defective, please report this immediately to tanks.ie by e-mail sales@tanks.ie or call 051 351325. 

If they are within the manufacturer’s guarantee period, we will arrange with the manufacturer to replace or repair the goods at the manufacturer’s discretion and consistent with their guarantee. 
Where it is necessary to inspect the goods on site and an inspection proves the fault is neither the fault of tanks.ie, nor the product manufacturer, an inspection charge will apply, which will be advised by the manufacturer prior to site inspection.

Please note that where guarantees are available in excess of those required by law, these are provided at the discretion of the product manufacturer and not tanks.ie. Additionally, tanks.ie will not be liable for any claims for consequential damage or loss. 


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