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€1,511.14 €1,228.57
  • Capacity of 1600 litres (2 tanks)
  • Durable premium quality garden system for rainwater storage and pumping
  • Colour choice (tank) - Sandstone Granite Green or Black
  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Powerful waterproof and submersible fully automatic pump
  • Tank to tank connectors to expand system
  • Sight gauge and hi-flow tap
  • Easy fit pump connection point with shut off valve


Above Ground Rainwater Storage System 1600 litres

A durable, premium quality garden system for rainwater storage and pumping.
The Rain-Tank System is a practical alternative to underground rainwater systems.
2 x Large 800 litre capacity Rain-Tank with tap and holesaw set. Its attractive modern design has a small space saving footprint.
Tanks are available in 4 finishes: Sandstone, Granite, Green or Black.
This allows you to select the best colour to suit your garden.

Powerful automatic pump with pump-to-tank connector, and multi hosetail outlet.
Self-cleaning Filter for diverting filtered rainwater sideways into the tank, while leaves and debris continue down to the drain.
The highly efficient rainwater filter is easily installed on the down-pipe. When the Rain-Tanks are full, the Filter-Collector automatically sends excess rainwater to the drain as usual. The Filter- Collector's unique removable filter cartridge can be taken out in seconds for seasonal cleaning. Tank-to-tank connectors are available for multi-tank systems. By clever design each tank can be easily linked to the next using a sturdy 25mm hose between metal threads.
A sight gauge is included for quick visual indication of the water level in the Rain-Tanks.
Hi-Flow tap (3/4") for faster filling of watering cans included
3P Filter-Collector for optimum filtered rainwater quality
Fully waterproof (and submersible) pump delivers up to 50 litres/minute
Easy-fit pump connection point with shut-off valve

The system can be expanded at any time with additional tanks.
More Information
Weight (kg)80.000000
Length (mm) 1700
Width (mm)600
Height (mm)1790
Capacity (litres)1600
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