Adjustable Clock Gauges

Adjustable Clock Gauges have added to their tank monitor range, two new products from Mano-Term. These new clock gauges are a one size fits all product. As they are fully adjustable, they can fit any oil tank from 1m to 2m and any water tank from 1m to 2.7m.

The adjustable oil clock gauge is suitable for for indoor and outdoor tanks containing fuel, oil/diesel fuel, biofuel, biodiesel and motor oil. This clock level gauge is intended for use with open vented stationary tanks. The clock gauge can be adjusted to the desired height of any tank from 1m to 2m. This adjustable oil tank gauge can be used for fuel, oil/diesel fuel EN590), Biofuel FAME (EN14213), Biodisel FAME (EN14214) and motor oil.

The adjustable water clock gauge is designed for rain water tanks. It is intended for outdoor use on stationary open vented tanks. The clock gauge is UV resistant and has a pressure tight meter head. this adjustable water clock gauge is approves for drinking water, has a flange mounting and 1 1/2″ BSP connection. This clock gauge can be used for tanks up to 2.7m in height.

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